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The slit (sometimes just a hole) where a male's bodily fluids escape. AKA dick hole.
Jon: "This one time, I was fucking this bitch, and her pussy juice got all up in mah dick slit."
by Paige R January 25, 2008
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Highly imaginative insult on par with fucktard, fuckstick, shitbag, douchebag and twatwaffle.

It refers to a vagina, and as an insult generally can be used towards any person, regardless of gender, who is a total idiot, jerk, etc.
Person A: "Britney Spears just filed for divorce from Kevin Federline!"

Person B: "Fuck yeah! Everyone's sick of that free-loading dickslit!"
by Bobsterman November 08, 2006
Someone who is a total gaylord and loves to bum japanese turkeys.Therefor by buming the japanese turkey the slit is stolen from the jap which is why some japanese are blind in one eye.
That guys a real dickslit i saw him bumming tukeys earlier look his penis is bleeding.
by Josh Sleith March 11, 2008
Her Dick Slit was oozing!
by trebou October 24, 2009
Either a term to insult or an actual description of a penis with a cut or slit.
Iain showed emma his cock , she noticed a cut and screamed in terror, " Oh my God , you have a Dick Slit , ewwww. "

Iain shouted in reply, " i hate you , you are a Dick Slit. "

Iain has a Dick Slit.
Emma is a Dick Slit.
by Rhys Wait June 20, 2006
Slang for vagina. Used as a perjorative term to describe a male acquaintance.

"You sank my battleship, you dick slit!"
by Saul Goodman May 22, 2006

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