Like it says, riding a dick.
Dickride out Shawn..just DICK RIDE OUT!

I let my dog dickride me.
by GG January 25, 2004
Top Definition
To give undue praise to another person. This is usually from on man to another but is not limited in its use.
Wow ESPN loves to dick ride the Yankees!
Hey Jim stop dick riding Erin!
by Drew Crawford May 16, 2008
commonly used in rap battles - if u vote for ur friend even though the other person had the better diss

to sweat a rappers nuts and only talk about him, refusing to think he has any error
man this nigga spit 1 bar and beat me..fuckin dickride votes

this nigga dickrides 50 man thats all he talk about
by Griff July 01, 2004
to give undue praise usually to from one man to another
Wow those sports casters love to dick ride Derek Jeter!
by Drew Crawford May 16, 2008
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