When You FUCk up someones shot in Pool
Move ur ball in front of the cue ball on your oppenents shot, that is a dickmove
by DJ LAURY April 07, 2007
The act of doing something crude, similar to an asshole
Wow hitting me with that bat was a dick move!
by jimmy boy85 December 07, 2009
When someone does something or something happens that makes your life difficult and/or puts a challenge in your way.
"hey did you hear. daves girlfriend cheated on him last night"

"what a dick move by her. he should dump her."
by Aweiker13 March 02, 2008
doing something to help you, and ruining it for other people.
George Bush sending the troops to Iraq for oil was a dick move!!!
by Joel Greenfield August 07, 2006
Its when a guy behaves in a certain way to look better than his fellow guy friends, it might be done just to impress a gurl
Today keith drop a toy car on my dick while i was sleep
and i told him, " dick move" keith
by bigsterro aka fuberry July 22, 2009
The act of leaving somewhere, something, or someone to go to somewhere, something, or someone else without letting anyone know of you plan to do so. It is generally frowned upon by common folk and induces thoughts of anger, sadness and frustration.
Juan left our school without letting anyone know, including his best friends. This was considered a dick move.
by Ohh, someone knows;-) October 19, 2008
An action that is deemed, unnecessary and or uncalled for.
A friend: "Dude your mom looked hot today"

Your reply: "Dude, that was a dick move on your part"
by Alex Zaragoza July 29, 2007

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