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any properly grown moustache, full enough to be accepted as a motorcycle cop. This moustache will easily brush the dust off any average sized dick while sucking on it, with ease.

this moustache takes on the resemblance of a 8" wide paint brush, similar to that of ned flanders.
when that motorcycle cop pulled me over, i commented in regards to what a beautiful dick duster he had. He obliged me by sucking my cock and dusting it at the same time. my tax dollars paying me back for once.
by bigrpowr March 09, 2011
A long Moustache that reaches past your lips which would be capable of dusting the top of a dick whilst giving oral sex.
Joley: How was your night with your boyfriend last night?
Taylor: We had a good time, until we started having sex.
Joley: Why, what happened?
Taylor: Well, normally its really good, but Justin has started growing a really long moustache, and it feels weird when he went down on me.
Joley: Oh, is it relly long?
Taylor: It's a fullblown Dick Duster
by BuzzBritish September 07, 2009
A bushy moustache; term of endearment
Tom Selleck would be jealous of that dickduster!
by dickduster255 November 22, 2011
A young woman that sleeps with older men, basically dusting off their cobwebbed crotches before hitting the grave
Practically all the Playboy bunnies end up as a dick duster
by claire2011 August 23, 2011
A gay man's soul patch. This tuft of hair just below the lower lip will dust the bottom shaft of any cock that happens to be insertered in the gay man's mouth.

See {dick broom]
Hey Rocky! Nice dick duster.
by Big Ern December 31, 2004
A person who is a whore who hand jobs and blow jobs many people.
I hate Monica so much, shes such a dickduster!
by Katieloo October 13, 2007

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