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1. A person who can not have enough of a particular cock. Becoming a tick like creature by sucking it dry.

2. A person who sucks a penis after swallowing the cum. Trying to suck it dry.
Dude that bitch was such a dicktick, I nutted, she swallowed and she just kept going!
by ChuliFly April 16, 2009
Dick tick. Tick entrenched on the head of the penis. Symptoms include herpes like sore, swollen glands and inflamed itchy chode.
"Compared to my ball tick, my dick tick was a bitch."
by Dick Tick May 23, 2008
Dick ticks is another name for crabs, which are small parasitic insects that live in a humans pubic region and feed on blood.
I keep itching because of these goddamn dick ticks!
by Eric Pazz January 10, 2008
When your cock has a seizure-freak out while taking a piss, like tourettes. The dick will fling piss in many directions.
Oh! I'm sorry for pissing all over you Colton, I had a Dick Tick.
by AMY LEE June 29, 2014
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