When a person dick stinks a lot.
Damn bro yo dick stank, you need to wash yo dick.
#dick #stank #stink #penis #bad odor
by DomRep1987 May 18, 2006
Top Definition
occurs when a non-circumsized male attains full erection.. and the "stank" that was hiding under the foreskin is now fully exposed and wofting all around.
"I LOVE my boyfriend..butt it's hard to blow him since he's grossing me out with all that dick stank"
#stank #smelly dick #penis stank #gross dick #umcircumsized
by i kill you now January 22, 2009
A person who is a lil' bitch.
Daniel: Lets go steal some alcohol from these fools.
Tyler: Well we might get in trouble.
Daniel: You a dickstank hoe!
#bitch #hoe #pussy #dumbass #nasty
by LaFondah May 17, 2006
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