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A dick squeezer is a person who is so much of an asshole that they squeeze dicks for fun.
O.J. Simpson is a dick squeezer.
by inversecoma April 14, 2007
43 18

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Basically an asshole. A person that is annoying or has wronged you in some way.
Brian: Thomas stole my iPod
Austin: Wow, what a dick-squeezer
by Lockerguy178 May 08, 2009
34 4
It means to squeeze the head of the dick. But really people call each other it referring them as gay.
"Dude did you hear cory is a dick squeezer!?"
"holy fuck hes gay!"
by not jenn. April 19, 2009
5 9
a person or object that grabs and enjoys touching penises, dildos, and objects shaped like dicks.
Ian is such a Dick-Squeezer.
by WebstersDictionary2009 May 13, 2009
2 11
Someone who takes pleasure in squeezing dicks. They may be so infatuated with it, that it takes over their whole life. Whoever has a dick they wanna squeeze it.
Brian: "I don't know what it is, I can't stop grabbing dicks. Can I grab yours?"

Trever: "Fuck no, get away from my cock you Dick Squeezer!"
by Kezzezz February 28, 2008
10 24