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The dick kick is the ever traumatic experience of a woman intentionally or unintentionally kicking the erect phallus of a man. This usually occurs while changing positions mid-intercourse. The woman will always claim it was unintentional, but the man will never know for sure.
Joseph: It was great sex until we decided to switch to reverse cowgirl and she dick kicked me.

Eric: Ah, the dick kick. One of the many perils of sexual intercourse.
#dick #dick kicking #fornication #sex #fifa world cock
by Dangle Fellow December 06, 2009
Nickname for the hole cards 68 offsuit in Texas Hold'em Poker. Staying in a hand with these cards and winning it is considered to be a kick in the dick to everyone else at the table and proper etiquette is to show them at the end of the hand regardless.
Jason: I can't believe you called to the river with that crap and donked a straight over my aces.

Carl: Doesn't feel good does it?

Jason: No.

Carl: That's why they call it a dick kick.
#poker #hole-cards #dick-kick #dick-nudge #cards
by DoyleBrunson May 06, 2012
An unwanted poke to your backside from your significant others erect penis while spooning or sleeping next to him.
Sam gave me a dick kick last night in bed.
#penis #spooning #sex #poke #backside
by groovingirl28 January 24, 2008
When a girl kicks a guy in the dick like she is playing soccor.
I pissed Shella off so she gave me a dick kick.
#dick #kick #dick kick #dickkick #dickick #shella #soccor
by ouch my dick hurts June 25, 2007
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