Top Definition
to press your dick on a girl during a hug

note: this may or may not be on purpose
i was hugging my friend last night when i noticed he was giving me a dick hug
by MegKathCass August 25, 2008
1. Hugging a dick. With your arms. Like a normal hug. Except with a dick.

2. Hand Job.

3. Intercourse.
1. Aw, you look a little sad. Here have a dick hug. *dick hug*

2. Hey girl can I just get a little dick hug.

3. Hey girl can I just get a little dick hug.
by spad thatchtr April 01, 2010
When a women's has large vaginal lips that wrap around a mans penis during intercourse with her vulva is stretched to max capacity.
Dazed's is so big my lips hug his dick so tight, and he loves my dick hugs
by cockrocker69 June 07, 2013
a) To have sex, Get laid

b) Blow Job

c) Hand Job
"Gonna make a phone call and see if I can get a dick hug"

"I need to get a dick hug"
by Juan Carlo November 20, 2006

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