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a rare breed of fish with a pink, mushroom-shaped head and a long, smooth body. when it gets excited it sprays white, gel-like film. when this film contacts its close cousin, the vagina-faced pussy monger, it impregnates the monger. after spraying this film, the cockmaster softens its body and goes to sleep for several hours. around the age of 13, the master begins to grow hair around its lower portion of its body. this fish is never eaten, however, some people suck on these fishes to extract their film, however, most dont swallow it rather they rub it into their skin.
Wow! that was as huge dick faced cockmaster!
by eboyd32 June 04, 2007

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1) one who implies that the reciever of such a statement is in fact a homosexual who isnt very nice
Shut the fuck up you dick faced cockmaster
by sheezy boy February 14, 2003