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After Officer Dibble from the legendary Topcat cartoons. Manchester based slang for the police
"We best get off, the dibble are coming!"
by Arshoo August 09, 2005
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Formed for an unfortunate medical condition, dibbles are usually found at the end of an extremity where the hands and feet are usually located. Dibbles are projected "finger-like" extensions off an area that use to have fingers and toes. Not to be confused with a nubin; which is dibbles without the extension. Dibbles defined: MUST have some sort of small projections in the area.
Cop: He has no hands! He only has dibbles! Get the chines dibble cuffs!

Wave your dibbles in the air! Like you just don't care!
by Side Hug November 07, 2014
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Approximately three drops; or, slightly less than a 'dab'.
"I only need a dibble of oil, not quite a dab."
by Keeper of the Unicorns February 17, 2015
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-"What kind of dibbles you have on you?"

-"I got lollipops, rice krispies, some shit that looks like a sponge, and brownies of course".

-"I'll take the shit that looks like a sponge".
by dude_brah_man September 14, 2010
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Noun: Police officer. Taken from the US Cartoon, Top Cat, where the local cop is called Officer Dibble. Used in Northwest England.
"I'm waiting for the dibble."
by yquem September 01, 2005
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All seeing All Knowing. Dibbles can mean everything or anything or nothing. Can be used pointlessly to annoy people.
The dibbles are always watching.
"What did you have for breakfast jeff?" "DIBBLES!"
by Triggerhappycat October 12, 2016
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A short form for incredible, used by the Baby-sitters Club.
Claudia: "Hey, Stacey, look at these earrings I made."
Stacey: "Wow, Claud! Those are dibble!"
by chicken_queen January 21, 2006
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