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A diavlog (sometimes written "dia-vlog") is a type of video blog (or "vlog") generally in which two or more people participate, as contrasted with a (mono)vlog in which one contributor is featured. The word "diavlog" is a portmanteau of the phrase "dialog video weblog" (or, alternately, "video weblog dialog"). The diavlog format is most popular for political, world events, or other types of conversational video blog discussions in which two (or more) people are actively participating in a real-time, give-and-take discussion of ideas.
Check out my diavlog with Stephen Colbert and Ron Paul.
by Underdoggie October 16, 2007
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A shitty word used by people desperate to look like they have a clue, much like the word podcast.
Dude, stop using the word diavlog, it makes you sound like a pompous git
by cruelladeville September 02, 2009

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