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The act of ''Listening'' .

When the words you hear (most often commands/requests of parents/teachers) go straight through you and without even thinking you just answer 'yeah' 'uh huh' 'sure' etc.

PARENT: 'Come on now, how many times am I gonna have to ask you?'

MINDY: ::silence::

PARENT: 'MINDY! Do you understand off that computer in 5 minutes! At the most!'

MINDY: Yeah, sure. Ok.

::10 minutes later::

PARENT: MINDY! Did you hear me or what?!
MINDY: Huh? wha'?
PARENT: *sigh* but you heard me didn't you? I told you to get OFF the computer!?

MINDY: No, I was diaumiscating. Sorry.
by arrianacorr April 04, 2009
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