Top Definition
When one's ass looks like they are wearing a diaper. Most seen on females, very rare for a male to have a diaperass.

A diaperass could also be extremely saggy butt cheeks as long as your ass looks like a diaper.

A way to show off the diaperass look is pulling your pants up higher than normal.
1. I dare you to go tap that diaperass.

2. Why do I have such a diaperass?
by PriestIsBeast36 September 05, 2008
an unattractive booty that makes a girl appear to be wearing a diaper under them jeans. also, a term used when a girl's ass hasn't quite reached mom ass, but is well on its way
whoa, look at gina and that diaper ass.
yeah, she's working those diaper-bottom jeans tonight.
by justymac July 26, 2008
When someone sags their pants and their boxers are sagging out the back like a shit filled diaper.
Check out that new jacks diaper ass!
by Chris Dawson March 02, 2008
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