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A young person who has, well, an ass like a mom has.
A: Hey fathead, check out the mom ass on that broad at 3 o clock
B: Yikes that is indeed some serious mom ass
by Freddy Z June 24, 2005
77 41
What becomes of a butt wearing Mom Jeans.

This is encouraged by pulling your jeans up to your belly button. You will notice that the ass looks elongated and flat.

This is not sexy. This is not even attractive.
Girl, you've got Mom Ass in those jeans!
by saltydogg087 October 27, 2010
11 9
Something you yell at a really hot mother when she is walking down the street with her children, and make sure you are in a car.
*drive by a really hott mother.
by phenompyrus April 21, 2004
52 51
a girl's buttocks that sags with wrinkles near the thigh area but yet is flatter than a homeless woman's chest on crack. This is usually obtained by a woman sitting in an office chair all day, every day.
"dang! I like that chick is hot but she got a momass! grooooooss!"
"yo look at that momass, I bet you could use that as a cutting board!"
"hey, your mom's ass looks like shes been sitting on the driveway for the past 10 years"
by FancyHancy February 07, 2008
0 4