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Dhol is a drum from punjab.
wow hes playin the dhol.

now lets go nutz ....jassi oye jassi....glassy parde..BRUAAAAAAAH!
by Jatt punjab da March 15, 2005

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this is what desi'z play at partyz or when ever to get real hyper and get them in the mood for some glassys (drinks)
PARTY BOY- yo singh where your dhol at
DHOLI- yes yes man i got it with me
PARTY BOY- phenchoud get it out then init
DHOLI- aite letz gob, BRUAHH
by G December 23, 2004
dying here of laughter
Girl: I fell down the stairs this morning.
Boy: dhol!!
by Reeshizzle April 24, 2007