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Done Fell Out. (emergency medical slang)
" Uncle Ben went all staggery and dfo'ed right over there."
by J.E. Walker April 26, 2003
Dun Fell Out
Dun Falled Out

It is a fire/EMS term
Ryan just DFOed.

Tom DFOed and the medics came and took him away.
by Tommy D February 17, 2005
Acronym for "Dumb Fucking Operator". A term most commonly used in the IT industry to describe the most common cause of almost any computer-related problem.
"I just got back from that customer site and sure enough it was a DFO error...again!!!"
by BrettMan May 19, 2004
a short for Darkfall Online.
guy1Have you been playing DFO lately?
guy2Yea I have been playing it like 24/7.
by [Tomppa] April 03, 2011
Don't Flip Out

Hit song of TAWSW, said to someone who is flipping out.
Yo man, seriously, DFO
by Okra May 10, 2004
1)The Man.
2)Author of Lewin and Lover
"D're the man."
by Anon1234 May 10, 2005
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