DFL = Dating for Love

When the goal in dating is love then you are DFL, dating for love.

Underlying DFL is the intention and desire of a love relationship.

The opposite would be DFS, dating for sport (or some say dating for sex)
John to his buddy on a Saturday night: "I'm done with sleeping around, I want to DFL and find a real girlfriend or maybe even my wife."

"I've never really been into dating for sport, I prefer a serious relationship so I'm all about DFL. It's much more fulfilling."

Plato says, "The beginning is the most important part of the work," and DFL is the most important decision in beginning to date.
by Love Linguist April 01, 2010
Drama Free Life
Buddy: I still can't believe you actually dated her. What a drama queen!!!

Guy: I can't hardly believe it either... and never again. I'm all about the DFL now. Keepin' things breezy.
by Scodam Guttaway October 15, 2010
Dumb Fucking Look. This is the look you expect to see from a complete and totally clueless dumbass. You know, when they should be listening to you and they staring with a stupid, lost glare. This is often accompanied with mouth open. It is the expression of a young, stupid slackjaw who has just seen boobies for his first time.
I explained the whole problem to my boss and asked him what he wanted me to do. He just sat and gave me the DFL.

When the cops told Brittany Spears to put her kid in a seatbelt instead of riding with it on her lap she gave them the DFL.
by btodd April 17, 2008
Dying from laughter.
Carla and Chris are dfl.
by ToAsianForU January 13, 2009
Name of the Democratic Party in Minnesota. Given all the scandals within this corrupt party such as Allina paying off DFL Hennepin County Commisioner Peter McLaughlin to support their Access Project, or Minneapolis DFL Councilmembers Brian Herron and Joe Biernat (Minneapolis DFL council members) going to jail for taking bribes, as well as the falsehoods perpetrated by the DFL majority speaker Margaret Kelliher Anderson, The original "Democratic, Farm & Labor" source of the acronym has morphed into the colloqial version of DFL = Deny Finagle & Lie
Hey did you hear about the $300 million DFL giveaway subsidy to the Twins stadium owners?

No, but the DFL in Minneapolis just added a fee to my water bill for rainwater runoff, WTF?
by Adam Baldwin January 17, 2008
Dead Fucking Last, as in the band who's cd i'm buying in about half an hour on ebay.
I bought DFL's album. Its beyond amazing you internoob
by Darbz March 02, 2005
dick fucking lips. Thick and juicy lips that are good for blowjobs.
damn that bitch had DFLs
by anon December 19, 2004
Date for Life- To be someone's date for life.
Al is Maria's DFL.
by Mr DFL June 30, 2013

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