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"Designated Female At Birth"

A term sometimes used by transgender men or other non-binary people, it is the ‘gender designation’ that is given to the child at birth without their consent, and based on what is between their legs, not their ears.

Alternately, DMAB is the male version.
"So, were you born male or female?"
"I was DFAB."
by SlytherinMyBed July 12, 2014
Down for a blunt.

Originated with the bench kids of Drexel University.
Yo man you dfab? Meet me at the benches and match up I already got the green game.
by benchkid June 27, 2011
Down for a Blunt.

Also used as a question: DFAB? - "Down for a Blunt?"
1: Hey dude, DFAB?
2: Yeah, I love blunts!
by Nerol June 27, 2011
Don't Fuck A Bitch~ commonly used to warn others when heading out to a place full of hoes.
Dude!!! Headin out to that party? Chill man! DFAB bruh.
by \/\/@§t€D~Trøl99 December 11, 2014
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