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Rastafarian or Jamaican origin. A synonym meaning "here" and "I'm here."
As in the song Tomorrow People, "Today you say you deyah. Tomorrow you say you're gone."

by CaptainZlogg January 30, 2010
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the most beautiful girl in the world always has your back shes sexy funny and fun to talk to she has a great personality and smile if you ever meet a deyah never let her go
Don't ever let that deyah go.
by PDuB February 24, 2013
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A person in Brazil who lures teenage Americans to Brazil to become under aged sex slaves or kidnap them for random money. Referencing the semi-famous kidnapping case when a young boy from Illinois was lured then kidnapped (and later forced to become a drug mule in 2009) by a mysterious Brazilian with the screen name Deyah.
Don't go to Brazil, you might get deyahed.
by ash0ka March 08, 2009
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