Lit: Exclamation to be said when having an orgasm.

Can replace words like "awesome" or "cool", implying that the object is so good it makes you orgasm.

Also can be used as a verb-to dex: to have an orgasm.
"Dude, check out that hot girl."
by Alex RR April 23, 2006
Otherwise known as God's greatest gift to the world, dex is an umbrella term assigned to female spandex leggings/yoga pants that make a woman's legs, ass, and waist look even better than they would naked.

Dex is used when referring to the ass/legs in the leggings. Therefore hot girls have nice dex.

On the 8th day, the Lord God gave Man the beauty of dex.
Saw a girl with the nicest dex ever, but she turned around and caught me staring.

Went to the women's volleyball game last night, holy shit man it was dex overload, almost couldn't handle myself in there.

Thought she was hot to begin with, then fall season came around and she slipped into some dex and I was mesmerized.
by Zonesman September 24, 2014

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