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A human being that has amazing abilities in everything they do on earth. They are therefore considered "god-like" and dubbed a "dewitt"
John is in NHS and lettered in Football, Basketball, Track and he's got all the girls in the school after him. He's such a DeWitt.
by Alack January 24, 2007
the tiny hick town that sits right on the edge of lansing. no really, i can walk from one side to the other in less than 5 minutes!!
friend: how many kids did you say were in your class in DeWitt?

me: 50, and they're all stuck up hicks.
by gamerchik May 05, 2011
A disease that a child has from birth which enables it to grow a chin.
Look at the strange looking boy I beleive he has Dewitt.
by Scott' January 15, 2009
A suburban area in new york. lots of white people in certain parts.
Im a black man who lives in DeWitt and in certain parts it is really hard to find black girls. There's so many white people.
by unknown baller July 04, 2008