Another word for females, coined by Anthony Burgess in his novel A Clockwork Orange.
There were three devotchkas sitting at the counter all together... - from A Clockwork Orange
by greyesdontsleep March 08, 2007
Top Definition
nadsat for girl
Alex: " They were about to preform a little of the ol in-out in-out on a weeping young devotchka they had there"
by Droog November 29, 2003
Russian word meaning "girl" or "woman," made popular by the 1971 classic A Clockwork Orange, and the all female punk band (hence the name), The Devotchkas.
She was a fine looking young devotchka if I don't say so myself.
by TFS January 02, 2006
1.noun.Russian in origin; meaning girl,ladie or young woman depending on the pronunciation
2.noun.eclectic band featuring violin, voice, guitars, drums,
susaphone, theramin, buzouki,etc. Albums in chronological order are "Supermelodrama", "Triple X Tango", "Una Volta", and "How It Ends".
It is hard to classify the eclectic stylings of that kick ass
band, Devotchka!
by clever January 19, 2005
Russin word; Means woman.

Very good all girl punk band. Went from the Devotchkas, to the 99's, then back to the Devotchkas.

Current Line Up:
Jessica - Vox
Alaine - Bass
Mande - Guitar
Gabrielle - Drums

Former line up(s):
As the 99's:
JJ: vox
Mande: guitar
Alaine: bass
Gabrielle: drums

As the Devotchkas:
Steph: vox
Mande: guitar
Alaine: bass
Gabrielle: drums

The Devotchkas - 1998
Annihilation - 2000
Live Fast Die Young - 2001
I hate hip hop kids
by Rosie February 10, 2004
russian for "girl" ............
alex is a pretty devotchka
by Alex December 10, 2004
1.women (in russian)
2.Best female punk band ever
by Anonymous September 24, 2003
all girl street punk hailing from new york city. some times sited as the female form of the casualties. on punkcore records. currently writting new material.
"You've got a problem, I'm so sick of you
You're always telling me what to do
I'm not perfect, I know my flaws
But you're not gonna be the one who lays down my laws
Just because we don't see eye to eye
That doesn't mean I'll take your fuckin' lies"

"one sided society" from the album "anniliation"
by Chris September 11, 2004
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