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Devil sticks consist of 3 batons (even though they are reffered to as a pair of sticks) which are used in juggling/equilibristic acts.Two of the sticks are used as controls and the third is juggled around between those.You can also add fire to these for an element of danger.
Also, if the ends of the center stick are not tapered they are also called flower sticks, as the tassels will twirl outwards when spun and resemble an open flower.
Whoa you've got realy good reflexes, you should take up devil sticks
by Zuluf October 18, 2006
A term for cigarette, referring to the fact that cigarettes are evil and will kill you with cancer, leather-purse skin, bad teeth, and general smelliness.

However, the term is used more often by people who do smoke as a joke to the fact that they know cigarettes are bad, but don't give a crap
Can I bum a devil stick off ya man?

by Patterson woot! April 10, 2009
the devilstick comprimises of 2 handsticks (usually coated in rubber(for grip)) and a center stick. the aim is to make the stick dance etc, etc, when written on UD it sounds boring, but it really is quite fun!!
put your shoes on and go get a devilstick!
by frizzlefry August 05, 2005
a phrase used normally to describe vibrators or dildos when in Alabama.

Dave Attell originated this phrase.
Dave Attell: "...or as they call 'em in Alabama, 'devil sticks'."
by leonardscontz March 24, 2008
the knives used in 'knife hits'. when the knives are heated they go red like the devil.
are those devil sticks glowing yet, i got a good bit o resin ready
by happy harry June 17, 2007
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