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Eating out a girl while she is on her monthly period, then kissing her afterwards..
Tracey: I kinda don't like it when my cousin's ex-boyfriend's sister's lesbian lover gives me a devil's kiss
Karen: Well quit frankely, I just don't give two shits
by VivaLaAnge September 18, 2006

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A fart let off in the 69 position
this is funny if you want to get rid of your partner, that was a damn good devils kiss

I gave that bitch a darm good devil's kiss last night
by The-Fool December 05, 2006
Howcome this isn't here already? It's the heady combination of cunnilingus and flatulence.
I was eating sushi from the barbershop floor and she gave me the devil's kiss, the dirty cow.
by Aaron October 05, 2003