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dev·il's advocate
One who argues against a cause or position, not as a committed opponent but simply for the sake of argument or to determine the validity of the cause or position.
Roman Catholic Church. An official appointed to present arguments against a proposed canonization or beatification.
by Maine Event April 05, 2004
One who argues against a popular cause or position, not as a committed opponent but simply to make people discuss and consider it in more detail.
Person: lets go swimming
Devils advocate: people pee in the pool, do you really want to go?
by Jaxi December 26, 2005
One who takes up the opposite argument to another person's statement or position, just to cause a problem for them.
Mrs. Haith is the devil's advocate.
by tired of the devil December 18, 2008
To take a contrary point and inspire others to do the right thing as opposed to not doing the right thing.
Mary: I really want to be with Jon, even after the break up.

John: Fine, ignore the fact he has the morals of an alley cat, talk to him then. Run to his side.
Mary: No wait, Maybe that is not such a good idea, you are right. Thank you for playing devil's advocate!
by zugzug January 15, 2007
The Devil's Advocate is the "extra" member of a devils threesome. This is the person who is not romantically involved in the couple but is just joining in for the threesome.
Mikey, Elaine and Finn wake up together.
Finn appears to have played Devil's Advocate again.
by mikeyisgod July 21, 2010
someone who chooses to say the opposite of what another person thinks or says, simply to be an asshole.
P1: "I really like apple pie."
P2: "apple pie is disgusting, I hate it"
P3: "Geez, P2, stop being such a devil's advocate, its annoying."
P2: "I'm just stating my opinion, chill out."
by MY2K January 03, 2006
someone who thinks they are helping others think of the opposite side of an argument or even of the weaknesses, who really just pisses everyone off because they are so untactful and confrontational it makes conversations less enjoyable, people less willing to expand their minds, and results in your social life declining because of their existence.
-your boyfriend is always ruining the fun by trying to be a devils advocate.

-yeah, come over the next time he's out of town.
-sorry. we just can't stand him.
by happy to have my social life January 23, 2011
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