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'am i rite' is usually used in a non-serious but humerous come back, using an on-perpose ferudian slip or rhyme to discribe something, and makes sense in context.
This term is usually used in the format of 'more like _______ am i rite?". It originated from the popular forum on Somethingawful.com.
Only a true geek would ever say something like this in real life.
Did you see the latest movie about that fire starting guy? It was action packed and full of excitement.

More like matchstick packed and full of ignitement, am i rite?
by MY2K December 03, 2004
the 3 words that ruin athe song you were listening to on the radio that seemed acually pretty good, but turned out to be just one big fucking ad for McDonalds.
duhnuhnuhnuhnuh....I'm lovin' it.
by MY2K February 17, 2004
something that is from or is related to Canada.
That cute little moose keychain over there, wearing a mountie hat.

A mug with a maple leaf on it.
by MY2K February 17, 2004
an old retro term expressing passing time, "yada yada". Revived in "Finding Nemo", and is now directly linked with it, sadly.
I need to go to the drycleaners, and give them my suit, go get groceries, drop off kid...koo koo kachoo, pick up suit and kid, go to dinner.
by MY2K March 15, 2004
elongated and more ecxaggerated shiznit.
oh my GOD! that game IS THE SHITZLNITZLE!!!
by MY2K February 17, 2004
a retard; one who misses even the most obvious of things
Duh-hrr, what's the price of this?

It's $3.50, sir, it says right on it in blaring red numbers.
by MY2K February 17, 2004
short for "you bet your fucking ass."

A less cruel version of "Duh!!"
"Our football team is the best!!"
"Fuckin' A!!"

"Hey Greg. Joanie is hot, eh?"
"fucking A!"
by MY2K June 14, 2004
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