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a kickass beat-em-up game where you get to play with 6 players from the start but unlock more as you complete their conquests. the game is basically about using those characters in their conquest to take over territories which is pretty fun you unlock more moves/techniques and weapon upgrades as well as weapons and max out your health gauge and weapon power as you level up. Each character has a special element such as fire,thunder,ice,wind and such and you can apply these techniques to your weapons for more power and damage.Created by capcom, the creators that brought you devil may cry and resident evil games. available only for ps2.
dude 1 : yo lets go hit on those chicks down at the bar, i think one of em really has it in for you.
dude 2 : nah im good im gonna sit this one out and levelup my characters in devil kings.
by cale joyce June 03, 2008

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