1. Any person who will try to capitalise on every opportunity that presents itself that has even the slightest hint of a sexual nature.
2. A person who does not take the legal age bracket into consideration when trying to score
3. A person who will engage in sexual intercourse with anything.
eg.1 check out the deviate hitting on your little sister
eg.2 that's the fifth fugly crag has hit on tonight, what a deviate
by decepti - kun October 05, 2005
Top Definition
1. To turn aside from a set course or route.
2. To veer off the intended path.
3. To stray away or differ from the original plan or purpose.
although they were expecting the film representation to "deviate" from the true events, as they had actually occurred- none of them had expected MTV to edit and manipulate the story to such extremes.
by TWiSTiDLiTTiLFUCK June 25, 2007
To devise, or plot a scheme of wholly evil intent.

"Come my friend, let us deviate. Mwhahahahaha!"
by Them February 16, 2004
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