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1) A bag for shit.
2) A person who resembles such a bag.
I can't believe that guy just stole that dude's wife's favorite pet's chew toy! What a deucebag!
by Nick Pie February 13, 2008
A douche bag with the annoying habit of flipping the deuces and giving a constipated, pursed-lips look in every fucking photo snapped of them.
"Handfuls of hair gel, chinese/barbed wire tattoos, and being tanned fake orange is one thing, but that stupid pose makes you the worst deuce-bag imaginable."
by dbhater November 06, 2008
a derivative of the more common "douchebag", this word describes a person who consistantly overuses the dueces symbol in the most out of place situations
"i went to go ask my buddy if he wanted anything brought in for lunch, and he responded with deuces! what kind of answer is that? What a deucebag."
by WolfNippleChip November 22, 2009
Douche Bag + Two Timer

Someone who cheats even though they are seriously lucky to have one partner.
"Woah, I can't believe he cheated on such a nice girl when he is so fat and ugly."

"What a total deuce bag!"
by melanie car May 24, 2007
Someone who is being an especially shitty douche-bag.
Jim: "Holy Shit Dan, do you see what that guy is doing with your girl-friend?"

Dan: "Yea. He's being such a Deuce-Bag."
by A Time Walker July 31, 2013
Someone that calls a significant pre-flop raise in Texas Hold'em poker with a deuce in their hand, calls the hand all the way down to the river and sucks out at showdown. Note: Pocket deuces doesn't qualify for deucebag status.
"The hand was raised six times the big blind before the flop and that deucebag called me all the way down to the river with a two of clubs in his hand and sucked out a flush."
by slenlenzy February 04, 2010
Someone who goes All in, Preflop with pocket deuces, and ends up beating someone with a higher pocket pair.
That deucebag pulled those trips out his ass!
by Bobinator238 October 20, 2010
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