The home of such, greats has Henry Ford, and the starting of the automobile industry. Also declining population, as well has ubran destruction lead to large gang filled areas referred to has "ghettos" or " the hood"
"8 mile road" as well as many ares that were destroyed during the riots in the 1970's
by 54 pesos, March 20, 2005
An awesome city that is the largest in the state of Michigan and is right on the edge of the border with our neighbor. No, NOT Mexico!!!
I put that thing about the confusion with Mexican and Canadian borders ^ up there just for the entertainment value.
by Ryan December 07, 2004
This is a very large, very ghetto city in Michigan where you will find a lot of baby mommas.
Well, here I am in Detroit! Hey there, baby momma!
by I'm Not A Lib February 08, 2005
Home of the Detroit Redwings, the BEST hockey team ever created!
"dude have you heard of the Detroit Redwings?"
"Of course man, they're only the best hockey team in the world!"
by elleGcro March 31, 2007
Hell's corporate headquarters

Where corporate HQs like Comerica move to better places in the SunBelt.


Where people don't live anymore.

Where urban revitalization is not.

The single-worst city in the country.

A population loss of over 50% in 5 decades. Current population of about 850,000 from 1.6 million and not even in the top 10 largest US cities anymore.

Where jobs are not.

Anything south of 8 Mile Road where you turn around as you approach the city limits.

A place called Flint is even better.

Where the first state government moved out over 100 years ago.

Even San Jose, CA now has a larger population.

The opposite of San Diego and Seattle.
urban blight

rampant homicide


revitalization is a joke

"white flight"

by darrenkrkc March 20, 2007
A city that is on the rise. The Downtown is slowly becoming popular and with more sports stadiums downtown, more people are being drawn down there. I have also been volunteering in some bad neighborhoods, including the southwest side and i have also been working rebuilding corktown. It's turning into a nice place down there.
if you think you are being sweet by saying you saw 8 mile, go into the southwest side and then tell me you saw Detroit.
by Detroit Homeboy September 27, 2005
The city were there are more guns than people. were they say the good die young.
RIP to the great lakes ruler BLADE ICEWOOOD, The Mayor BIG PROOF, BUGZ,,J-DILLA, n wipeout
"When God calls you gotta go home"

by B055up January 23, 2008

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