The absolute WORST place for a single person to develop a serious relationship unless you like:

1.) Trash
2.) Ghetto type materialistic hoes
3.) Single Parent Drama
4.) Sex without commitment
5.) to chase child support payments
6.) settling for less

If you have no fresh ride, no credit, or no good job, the top 5 listed above is what you will run into frequently in the D-E-T. I love my hometown, but it is the truth.
Not only is Detroit the Baby Moma Capitol, it was also the STD capitol of 2004.
by Mr. Dwayne July 11, 2005
1. it used to be a great city till racist ass black mayor COLEMAN A YOUNG fucked it all up. detroit will always be a shit hole from now on

2.well, i guess it is a great city for "blacks" to start a business...just dont be white and try and make it in detroit,its not happening!

3.yes,i can say all this shit because i was born and raised in the inner city of detroit(southwest detroit) and went to detroit public high schools(i survived 2 gunshots by my 18th b-day!,im not joking!) where the detroit city council and all brances of local government are anti-white and corrupt kwame kilpatrick especially..(nice navigator mayor!!)

5.has to be the worst place on the fuckin planet to raise kids....especially so if you are cursed with that ugly white skin and blue eyes!

6. place where everyone "normal/descent" wants to ge the fuck out of except the welfare moms and crack dealers!

7. if i mispelled anything im sorry,i went to detroit public high school(western HIGH SCHOOL off VERNOR AND CLARK st. class of 1992)

dont know exacly who the father is?
dial 1-800 whos the daddy

also a billboard PRAISING a murderer rappper(PROOF) who was killed in the act of shooting some dude in the head! the mayor,Kwame kilpatrick attended the fuckin funeral!!

(this is not a joke people)
by DR. DETROIT May 15, 2006
A city that sucks cause the mayor blows the city's funds on his new escalade, his parties, and his bail money to get out of jail!
Kwame is da man, taking Detroit even further into the dumps
by Andy1353235 August 21, 2008
a city ready to bounce back why well many things downtown detroit for example Campus martius(a rockfeller like park)with ice rink , a newly constructed nearly 2+miles long riverfront. a new ballpark a new football stadium Superbowl 40 will be in detroit Mlb all star game will be held summer 2005 NCAA mens basketball final four in 2009 dozens of new york style lofts being build in downtown and around. Compuware moved its headquarters to detroit build a 20+ story bulding with a borders book store and hardrock cafe 3 casinos now approved to stay permanetly greektown casino, motorcity casino,greektown casino, many areas of detroit are becoming safer and house values are reaching $100,000 a house examples include Southwest side of Detroit,Corktown,MexicanTown and more areas so Detroit is Changing slowly but for the better hopefully we will soon have a better mayor to fully rebuilt this city.if people are really scared of detroit then why do millons of peple come each year to hart plaza for events like the hoedown(country music festival)Fuse-In(Techno Music Fest)Freedom Fireworks(nations premier fireworks specticle )Thanksgiving day parade)(500,000plus).Detroit is known to many as the least diverse area in country 80% afrrican-american SOUTHWEST Side of detroit host the largest population of Hispanic/latinos in Michigan. not only that southwest side of detroit has the only area in city where population is actually increasing rather than decreasing also detroit has one the highest concentration of mideastern immigrants in the us with that said the city looks like it will be someday in my estimates 10-20 years from now very diverse detroit .
detroit is changing the the best
by x313x=frnko June 01, 2005
baddest city in all of United States. home to greatest professional sports teams like the Detroit Red Wings, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Lions, and Detroit Tigers. Nicknamed the Motor City, Motown, Hockeytown, Amityville, etc. Largest city in Michigan.
The Super Bowl 40 this year in 06 was held in Detroit.
by go_wings June 25, 2006
One of da best damn city in the whole fuckin world baby. You don't know about it unless you been here. holla back
we got the hypest high schools
by sexy 007 August 06, 2005
Detroit is also known has: Hell Headquarters. Detroit is often called ghetto and shot up, but is actually gutter and run down. I live there so I've earned the right to call it shit-central but I live there so I earned the right to cap on it. This city is resident evil apocalypse waiting to happen... well just the bomb part.
This is also the place where the final battle between good and evil will take place.
Detroit-er: I'll shoot you all
L.A-er: Yeah, Well, I'll take a contract out on you.
Brooklyn-er: You fuckers are worse then Jersey.
Chigago-er: ... Want to Buy A Hot Dog?
by Brent S August 29, 2006

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