It a meme on 4-chan to let newfag's release the immense faggity inside them. It can also be used by trolls and other such assholes for the same reason. It is often spammed in ridiculous amount and pisses most people off. It has NOTHING to do with pwning or awesomeness.
4chan user- DeMotivational poster thread GO!!
Newfag-desudesudesudesudesudesudesudeusdeusdesudsuedusedesudesudesudesudesudesudesudesudesu... and so on
4chan user-shut the fuck up
by whitetip March 06, 2009
"Desu" is the sound made by pwning. Conversely, by repeating "desu," you will have pwned your opponent(s), even if you already lost according to Godwin's Law.
lol pwned desu desu desu desu desu
by olvi November 27, 2006
The ancient cult originating from Mississauga that trains in the art of Yo-Yo's. Membership is hard to achieve, as the Desu Leader takes pride in his work. Therefore achieving membership is next to Impossible. DESU!!!!!
"Yo, are you in DESU?"
"Don't talk about this in public, you Yo-Yo!"
by Darkslayer23211 July 09, 2010
A suffix in Japanese language that you put at the end of a sentence.

It also is used to indicate an individual of Japanese heritage to make fun of the person due to its sound resembling the English word "death." (desu vs death)

Watashi wa otaku desu(death)

Mainichi desu(death)
by desudesuka July 10, 2008
A Japanese copula, or word used to grammatically link a subject and predicate.

It can be translated as "It is the case that -" or "It is for the reason that -". However, there is no English equivalent.

Alot of people use it at the end of sentences just to be cute.
Ashita doubutsuen ni iku n desu.
by Nieccie June 10, 2008
While everyone thinks desu means "is". That's not what it means. It is added to the end of a sentence to make it sound polite. Assuming a verb in the sentence is not already in polite form.
Note: Most sentences to not need desu to be grammatically correct.
Bob wa byouki desu. (Bob is sick. The "wa" means is. Desu just makes it polite.)
by Hikari-chan July 11, 2007

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