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The one word that every real Japanese person will go insane if you keep on saying it to them, mainly standing for 'it is' to go at the end of a sentence became a big meme of annoying weaboo or otaku. If you're wondering why it goes at the end of the sentence it's because in Japanese sentences are formed differently.

It is said in a motivational Poster that if you keep on typing Desu, you will turn Japanese, people believed that, and that's now what you will constantly hear from people who want to prove they're Japanese, also see kawaii for another annoying weaboo term.
Person 1: Kawaii Desu
Person 2: SHUT UP!
by NatsukiKonaKon January 16, 2010
Konata Izumi, or Izumi Konata in her birthplace of Japan, is an Anime Character from the show Lucky Star

Konata enjoys anime although being in an anime herself and is pretty much a boy with everything.

Most people recognize Konata as a girl with long blue hair, or the main source of :3 or =3
Konata Izumi: I can't wait to get home and play my dating sims :D
by NatsukiKonaKon January 13, 2010
The words said on the radio when Snake on Metal Gear Solid gets killed.
Radio: Snake!... Snake? Snaaaaaaake!
by NatsukiKonaKon January 16, 2010
A term used for no apparent reason and the chances of actually typing it with that many letters is extremely slim.

Used when something is either really epic or cool.
08:44 - Krabman: *shades on*
08:44 - Krabman: I'm Batman.
by NatsukiKonaKon January 14, 2010
Usually added at the end of a praise to make someone feel even worse when you put them down.
22:43 - Kon: Aren't you happy that I gave you it? :(
22:43 - Krabman: Yes! :D
22:43 - Kon: XD
22:43 - Krabman: Just kidding. You fail.
by NatsukiKonaKon January 16, 2010
An animal that has a goat body and a mans head, completely real.

I guess in short, you could call it a furry.
Woah... Look at that Man Goat!
by NatsukiKonaKon January 16, 2010
Just another word for 'confused' though maybe sounding a bit cuter.
I'm really confusedy
by NatsukiKonaKon January 18, 2010

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