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a really good r&b group. Who had 3 member changes.
Destiny's child is fine
by jj March 08, 2005
an r&b group based upon one singer, beyonce. & as soon as she wrote her first solo song, the band ended. until later, they produced another song, "soldier", only to have it basically still be based on beyonce & the other two as backup singers.
beyonce + 2 other girls = destiny's child.
by tupaclivesss June 20, 2006
1. An acronym for 'Beyonce'
Commonly know as 'Beyonce and them'
2. The best selling girl group of all time.
3. A R&B girl group managed by Matthew Knowles.
4. Claims to be a girl group even though Beyonce sings every verse.
1. Did you see Destiny's Child at the super bowl halftime show?
2. Oh yeah, that's that group Destiny's child
3. I love Destiny's Child
4. What's the name of that group that Beyonce was in?
by guy12345678890 September 16, 2013
A band of femi-nazis hell-bent on hypnotizing everyone into liking their music with complete disregard of the angry and sexist lyrics. First formed in 1990 and 'led' by Beyonce Knowles. Their songs are often derogitory towards males and steretype them for being cheap, cheating, lying, and being all-around assholes in general. Which, of course, is not the truth. They also seem to break up every now and then due to Beyonce's solo attitude. However, this can be overlooked by their Philanthropist actions towards events such as the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Person 1: "What do you think of the singers in Destiny's Child?"
Person 2: "The look sexy and the background music's nice, but the lyrics are shit.
by Dr. BaconStein August 15, 2006
a dumb pop group.

turn them off and listen to bikini kill instead.
destiny's child can suck my left one.
by m. wuornos January 22, 2005
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