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When your boyfriend gives you ten roses, nine real and one fake, and says he'll love you until the last rose withers away.
"I will love you until the last rose withers!"

"wow so like eternal love? cuz dat one's fake............."
by mnmshead April 10, 2013
Texting someone ten minutes after you got their number.
"I gave her my number like ten minutes ago, and she's already texted me....."

"dude, forget her. She's just desperate."
by mnmshead April 10, 2013
What happens after math class. usually assiocated wth bloodshot eyes, unntelligible markings in your notebook, and a continous low droning sound stuck in your head.
"Wow what happened to you?"

" Just got out of math class.........boreditis attack coming on..........."
by mnmshead April 10, 2013
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