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When a man gets an erection then rubs it with the underside of a desk
Matthew enjoys extreme desking in science class
by The Horse January 04, 2005
Performance of the sexual act on a desk, generally in a corporate office environment. Possibly an attempt by a junior member of staff to enhance career prospects. Often results from a mid-life crisis on the part of more senior management. Note - likely to end in career termination if caught.
Jim : That Elena in the office over there looks a dirty little minx.

Dan : Yeah .... she needs a good desking.
by KnifeVictim January 31, 2009
The act of a man throwing a desk at a man or woman,then making a hole by smashing his erection through the desk,and having sex with the person who was hit by the desk.
Mom:Jill!Why are you in a wheel chair?!

Girl:John desked me 5 times very roughly!I told him I hate desking!
by Ruffman8890 December 25, 2013
The Act of working at a Desk
I earned a lot of money while I was desking today.
by lieningover October 12, 2012
When two male guys w/dicks bone behind trees
Joey and Mike were Desking behind the trees at six flags
by Britt October 27, 2004