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Pronounced Day-Jar-Dan:

The act of fucking a woman in the missionary position while simultaneously getting fucked in the ass doggy-style by another man.

It is very popular with the Franco-American Community in Northern New England.
So I walked in the hotel room and there I see John and Tom pulling a desjardins on the cleaning lady.
by Larry Tiita May 20, 2009
The act of being overly complicated bordering on smartassedness. Suggesting an improvement on a simple product such as an apple. "dude this apple would be way better if they found a way to replace the seeds with naturally occuring caramel"
these sorts of suggestions border on the strange and occasionally annoying and tend to benefit only that person, and no one else.
dude that was a total Desjardins thing to say
by Lorna Street March 31, 2005
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