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1. v. (derxin'): to put out the vibe at a seemingly innocuous public location - library, bookstore, coffee shop, church, used car lot, thrift store, etc.

2. v.: to foil a friend's attempts to put out the vibe at any location (see also cock block).

3. v.: to quickly befriend any female that one of your male friends has taken an interest in to the extent that they effectively become unavailable.
1. "I just spent all day at Starbucks and got nothing done because this girl keeps on givin me the derx."

2. "Thought I had tonight in the bag, but then her friend moved in derxin hardcore."

3. "I'm sure the only reason those two are friends is because Zack is trying to game Amy, but Ellie's been derxin on her so much that he can't even find her anymore."
by thesyndicate14 January 14, 2011
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