A fat retard with no life a dick and a racist a dumb uncle fucker. Dosent know a scotch from apple juice.
Kyle: You are not going to go on national television and spew a bunch of hate speech about Jewish people! I WON'T LET YOU DO IT, CARTMAN!

Cartman: Then the game is on, Kyle.

Kyle: It's not a game, you derelict! And this isn't Scotch! It's apple juice!
by DudeAreYouFuckingKiddingMeh? December 13, 2009
Top Definition
One whom is of the white trash community, poor, has no working job, and unpleasant to be around. One may shorten the word derelict to the following words: Darell, Big D, Double D, FORREST,or D approved. It dosen't matter how you say it, it all means the same thing. One may be embarrassed to be around a Darell but face it, we all have a little Darell in us.
Wow dude you just killed the joke Forrest, I mean Derelict!
by Logan Preston November 20, 2007
A derelict or "derro" is a person with no past or future.

Originating from the suburbs of Australian cities, derelicts are categorised by their dependencies which will often include any form of welfare they can con their way into: unemployment, child support, trust housing, disability (for depression), etc etc.

Derros contrast with the common bogan in that they direct their culture and existance towards their own selfish dramatics rather than along racial or sporting grounds (not that this also has a place in their world).

Derelicts are community and family orientated, and will often spend their hours congregating to share how bad they have it and scheming new ways to exploit other individuals or organisations from their money.

Most of their pursuits will revolve around gambling, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, hoarding of furniture and trinkets, getting revenge, get rich quick schemes, badly written letters to family services/politicians, replacing the dead pet cat/dog/rabbit/fish (they're bound to have dozens of these suffering from neglect); petty theft; screaming or beating their kids for being kicked out of another school.
Fat, old woman- "Auntie Deb owes me money from her last Grandparents for Grandchildren payment so I'm goin over there to write her letter to the MP, pickup the outdoor setting she doesn't want and then we're gunna have a flutter on the pokies. I tell you, busy busy!!"

Observer - "Fkn derelict.."
by Stubie6 June 24, 2010
One who is naughty and rebellious. Also used to describe a violent transient. Hoodlum
Those no good derelicts are vandalizing are neighborhood again.
by Martin Font March 07, 2004
A foolish person. Can be interchangeable with "idiot", "moron", "dillweed" or any similar term. Widespread use of "derelict" in this sense is due chiefly to it's status as a tomism (see "tomism")
P1: "Who the hell dumped this load of manure on the front porch?"

P2: "Frank just dropped it there this morning."

P1: "Oh that son of a bastage! That derelict!"
by Frank Klaune March 06, 2004
A person that speaks incorrectly, seemingly from pure ignorance. The use of the word Illiterate is used for this "issue" when concerning reading and writing. moron
Derelict is when a person speaks incorrectly, seemingly from pure ignorance. ie: I is sure it was a accident. He don't got no money. We is growin our business.
by May Hemm July 26, 2015
what ridiculously ridiculously good looking people like 3 time male model of the year derek zoolander can do to their own balls if they are being threatened by a nemesis, like that HANSEL (he is SO hot right now)
i can derelict my own balls thank you
by punkry March 06, 2005
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