German word for Restroom, most often used in dubstep songs by the Real Booty Babes. Numerous German DJs feature their own musical styles on the rythm and lyrical base of Derb such as Rob Mayth and Cascada. Unfortunately, a speech impediment common amongst adults in Germany makes it difficult for many Germans to pronounce the word Derb. Often times, it sounds like there are several more R's than are actually there.

Derb can be interchanged as both a noun and a verb, depending on the situation.
Real Booty Babes: One day we decided to derb
Rob Mayth: One day Rob Mayth decided to derb.
Trolsacrafic: brb derb
by DJKlubbingman November 20, 2010
Top Definition
to get or give head, i.e. to get a blowjob
YO, woman, durb it beeyatch!
by Fatmuff November 10, 2002
To give head or fellatio. To suck on some dick
Ex:1 All I wanted was to smoke the herb....and get the derb...

Ex:2 What's up with that derb!!!
by NC from the Dub February 27, 2007
A word used in Hallandale Beach and Hollywood Florida, for some one dirty, real tired and dusty looking, or a foot dragger.
(that foot draggin ass bitch from 8th ave walks in the class)
classmates all yell "DERRRRB!!!!!!!!!!"
by Rojo1 August 03, 2010
To bleach one's asshole at speeds up to and around 80 mph while en route to pick up gay pornography.
When I saw my roommate derb last night, he was doing it so fast I could barely see his hands move.
by doctorhonushonus July 08, 2011
(noun) A combination of the words "dank" and "herbs"; high quality marijuana.
I get so high off a few hits of these derbs!
by chonuts December 10, 2005
Nickname for a poker player who is on a hot run of luck "Doesn't Ever Run Bad" DERB
He made 10k at 40/80 Holdem last night, what a DERB
by Foxwoods DERB September 03, 2016
A man who is a goofball. Except, he is not stupid.
Boozan the Derb: "Listen man, I may be a goofball, but I'm not stupid."
Person 2: "Haha, alright."
by Hipster1234 November 24, 2010
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