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a person or persons that's IQ does not excede 45 who can't spell imperfection and makes sentences like the following:

" Brad and I were on lunch BREAD.."

notice the bread. The bread that doesn't belong.
Patrick Lancaster is Der Der Der
by AndrewIShilarious August 07, 2006
meaning your a "dumbass" or, your " full of shit", yellow bus riding
Will you quit being a "der der der"?
by Monica Thomas October 10, 2007
Stupid-ass way of saying dee-dee-dee.
My retarded friend Brittany called me a der-der-der!
by Alex Head June 02, 2006
In the terms of Carlos Mencia, a retard.
Or, an expression of retardation
Look at that derderder!

You forgot to lock your car? Derderder.
by marcemartin July 30, 2006