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a person or persons that's IQ does not excede 45 who can't spell imperfection and makes sentences like the following:

" Brad and I were on lunch BREAD.."

notice the bread. The bread that doesn't belong.
Patrick Lancaster is Der Der Der
by AndrewIShilarious August 07, 2006
a man that acts like a 5 year old girl who just got their doll taken away by their sibling and comes up to their office making a big scene in front of everyone.
Patrick is a whinylittlegirl who came up to my cubicle and tried to put Gay Pride stuff on my computer but I caught him in the act.
by AndrewIShilarious August 07, 2006
A person that mooches food off of you in the office and doesn't give you any of thier food in return.
Patrick Lancaster is an Ethiopean Moocher.
by AndrewIShilarious August 09, 2006
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