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one who is sexy, athletic, though not conceited by it. a laid back person.
captain 1: i want denzel on my team.

captain 2: no way, unfair, he's the lebron james of high school basketball.
by dsy14 June 21, 2009
A huge rail of cocaine. Robs favorite... NO EGG
Mike Long: You smashing some Denzels tonight?
K-Hog: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!
by FlightRisk February 19, 2013
A very sexy and attractive man...he has beautiful eyes and he has a very very large penis and knows how to work dat dick...tappable...delicious...and freaky
mimi:i effin love that denzel
tt:dnt b talkin bout my denzel
Bri:Dat denzel is mine all of it...

(three way fight)
by tiffanithompson January 22, 2011
An enthusiastic exclamation in conjunction to a statement.
Whats so funny? ...Den-zel!
by John Liu March 30, 2005
A very popular, strong alcoholic drink that contains the following:

5 parts - Nikolai Vodka
3 parts - Peach Schnapps
1 part - Apple Juice (optional)
Top it off with a 'splash' of purple Gatorade for color.
"Some of that grape drink baby"
Yo nigga, let me get a "Denzel" on the rocks. Don't forget that purple stuff either.
by OGtripletriple November 17, 2012
1) When one pulls a Denzel. (verb)

2) The process in which one watches another in an activity, such as kissing, sex, video games, anything.. (verb)

3) The act of watching. (verb)

4) A watchful person. (adj.)
Dude 1: Yo this dude is always pullin a denzel.

Dude 2: I kno man. its not even funny no more. he was watchin me last nite.

Dude 1: Wat u say?

Dude 2: I sed fuck off man..

Dude 1: Sweet

Dude 2: Totally man.. Rock On..

Dude 1) He wont be pullin a denzel for a while.
by Jerry1441 February 02, 2009
The act of being darker; lip crust
The basement is to Denzel to see anything without a flashlight
by Lliw lluhs February 23, 2013