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1. Denesha is a gorgeous gal with a down to earth attitude and a bit of sass. A Denesha has admirable fahsion sense and all the boys bow down at her feet.

2. Denesha is outgoing, smart, and very pretty. She has long term relationships with boys she dates and her clothes. She never settles for anything less.

3. A person named Denesha is very inspired by others and is always creative. Denesha's hobbies and talents reflect her creativity.

4. A person named Denesha also takes on leadership qualities. Shes not afraid to take the first leap or venture out into new places and ideas. Including in the bedroom.
We love Denesha, she really brightens up a room.

We should go to Deneshas gallery tonight.

Denesha and Tyler have been together for so long.
by ItsAlly October 26, 2013
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