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the spawn of the devil. literally, a person that does things that are really evil. the child of a demon. An evil person, most little kids are demon seeds. The Latin term for demon seed is seedus demonus.
my mom popped out 4 demon seeds.
by smutty smutty smut smut February 01, 2006
The child or offspring, as conceived through unwanted intercourse. A "rape baby"
Not only did Sheila get raped, but i heard she's gonna have the demon seed too!
by alibar12 February 22, 2014
Male ejaculate
She couldn't see after I got her with the demonseed right in the eye.
by Hank February 07, 2004
n. the Rayne Demonseed longboard
getting a demonseed speedboard for cheap soon
by DRFTmonkeh September 26, 2011
A maggot.
My older-half-sister in law calls maggots demonseeds because she once had a bad dream about an invasion of ravenous flesh-eating maggots.
by Light Joker June 02, 2004
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