Cross between Drunk and Emotional, usually happens at parties when people get drunk and end up spilling their feelings all over the floor
He was so demo I couldn't get away from him for hours
by Roxy April 18, 2005
a person, usually a female, used for sex, money, or other things by people (mostly dudes).
Ever since Heather played me, she's nothing but demo for weed and money.
by Brianna B. November 08, 2004
The true Untral Tournament Master!
"Anyone want some!?"
by Amar January 28, 2004
To demolish something ... Often during the process of eating...
Let's demo on a half-bird ... The act of eating half a chicken with ones chums.
by Linnie and Brad I.D.M. August 05, 2003
1) Nerd like; Bosexual
Demo is a fucking dem.
by Paul April 21, 2005
A young Greek frat lord who is a savage and can have 0 chill. A Demo makes party's hella lit.
Bro you're a fucking demo bro 🤘🏻
by Demo June 15, 2016
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