v. to try out; to sample
-I'm going to demo some of your leftovers.
-Let me demo you shirt and see if I like it.
#try #borrow #sample #taste #examine
by TXFLIP December 08, 2008
Putting large quantities of maintanace time into their sled(snowmobile) in one year then never rides or babies it.
3ft of snow in the forecast and he was a demos.
#demos #snowmobile #sled #maintenance #babies
by KO punch February 06, 2014
An in-game recording of a video game, pretty much exclusively PC games. They are often taken of competitive matches in games like Counter-Strike and Call of Duty.

Demos can only be played back within the game, however they can often be exported into actual video clips for use in frag videos (or "montages").

Though time-consuming, many games allow you to do all sorts of things with demos; search YouTube for demo recording tutorials to learn more.
Crap, I forgot to record a demo of that game
#demo #demos #recording #developer #console
by estrale November 03, 2010
Demo aka the gay-est boy ever known.

Basically, it's another word for 'gay'.
Boy 1: Mate, I reckon that bloke is bloody demo!

Boy 2: Bloody oath!
#gay #homo #fag #faggot #queer
by beasleylan December 02, 2008
Shortening for the name Demos Giorgetti.

Demos is a character from Jisuk Cho's online book, Fishbones.

From Jisuk's website, www.blackrevolver.com:

Gender: Male
Birth date: October 14, 1984
Birthplace: Verona, Italy
Blood type: AB
Height: 5'6
Ethnicity: Italian/English
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Occupation: Mob Soldier

Appearance: Demos is small, thin, and a little on the short side. He avoids the outdoors, leaving his skin extraordinarily pale. His nickname (Spettro, meaning Ghost), was teasingly brought about by the whiteness of his complexion. His hair is combed over his right eye, strategically hiding a small forehead scar. He cares about his appearance and likes to wear suits and ties to appear professional (his favorite brand is Giorgio Armani). Though physically weak, he has exceptional marksmanship, seemingly inherited from his father.

Languages spoken: Italian, English

Personality: Demos is normally polite and respectful, but becomes irritable when his patience is worn thin. Underneath a facade of civility he can be extravagantly cruel, especially when he takes something personally. He is vain and proud, and holds very high standards for himself and others. At the same time, he is easy-going when with friends or family, and can be very affectionate when he chooses to. Inside, he occasionally feels insecure, lacking the confidence he so easily portrays to others.

Hobbies: Piano, Cooking, Horseback Riding

History: Demos was born in Verona, Italy. As a child he was often ill, and was home schooled and pampered by his Italian mother, Bianca. His father, Killian Belmont, was an accomplished international hitman. As Demos grew weaker and more sheltered, Killian began to lose hope in Demos becoming his successor. Frustrated, he left Demos and his mother for another woman. Bianca gave in to heart disease (one which Demos also carries) and died soon after. At the age of 12, he was sent to Southport in the United States to live with his aunt and uncle. The change in environment helped him overcome his weaknesses, and he began to reveal his talents in command and marksmanship. He idolizes his grandfather Gino, the boss of the Giorgetti crime family. His family has high hopes for him, and he seems to be next in line for leadership.
Girl 1: Demos is so freaking SEXY.
Girl 2: TOTALLY!

Girl 1: You think Demos and Seamus are playing around behind the scenes?
Girl 2: TOTALLY!
#demos #jisuk #fishbones #mafia #ghost
by plastic-stars June 03, 2009
When a girl has sex with two guys at the same time.
Me and my boy ran a demo on this bitch last night.
#double-team #menage a trois #train wreck #threesome #over and under
by James Werdsbond September 29, 2009
Crack stem; sample-size quantity of crack
by Lehem October 18, 2003
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