4 definitions by angertrain

Industrial Leather Cleaner. Available in some shops in small brown bottles, unmarked or sometimes called rush. Smells like crushed ants. Gives a small rush sensation which lasts about 30 second. Lethal if swallowed.
"Do you want the rest of this amyl nitrate?"
by angertrain July 18, 2008
A basic recording of an aspiring band. Usually cheaply and easily put together. Often used to get gigs at venues. Also used to develop a following at local level.
"Heres a demo tape of my group"

"Send us a demo and we'll get you guys a gig"
by angertrain July 18, 2008
When your girlfriend's parents bribe you with gifts in order to convince you to stay with their daugther and marry on.
"I got this dowry for christmas"
by angertrain July 18, 2008
1. An individual who is chung
2. A person under the influence of pot
3. Alluding to or having the appearance of a stoner
"Come here, you chunghead"
by angertrain July 18, 2008

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