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A guy of talent beyond the eyes of various viewers. Someone who finds the need to please many people in many ways. They maybe small, they be tall, but either one of them can smash through a wall. A well known person around the hometown with ambitious goals in life. A comedian. Always there for someone when nobody else is no matter what. A strong outgoing lover with the brains to please a female no matter what.
oh once i adored the man i thought i loved. but then i met Martell
by star emperor August 07, 2012
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A family compulsive liars that prone to hitting the bottle at any given time
"wow those martells can lie their asses off, that joe can also down a bottle of 2 dollar vodka"
by N0J0K3 January 23, 2009
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A muslim bishdish who eats a lot of cock.
"Wow did you see him sucking Chris' dick? He's such a Martell."

"Run that Martell has a bomb!"
by L-Aye October 31, 2011
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